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IT Security & managing your data

By Vicki Rigg, Channel Sales Manager – Asia Pacific (Nuance Communications, Australia).

In a world where collaboration with business partners and customers is essential to achieving high performance, IT security has never been more crucial. Securing corporate, individual and commercial data, protecting identities and building trusted relationships with stakeholders are part of day-to-day businesses everywhere.

It’s a difficult balance to strike; too much security can hamper a business and cripple its systems, preventing it from being agile and competitive. Too little security and the company becomes vulnerable or risks breaching legislative and regulatory guidelines.

Because IT is all about information, every element of your IT infrastructure has a part to play in your IT security strategy. Which means that there are steps you can take with your existing systems and applications to improve the integrity of your data.

The protection of the data your organization uses can be quickly and significantly improved through the use of software and applications that have been developed with security in mind. This encompasses three key areas:

  • Password-protection: assigning login names and passwords to users; protect your files and directories from unauthorized access by requiring users to enter a password before access is allowed.
  • Encryption: “hides” data or the contents of a message in such a way that the original information can be recovered through a corresponding decryption process.
  • Redaction: “blacking out” confidential, sensitive or personal data so that it is unreadable and uneditable

OmniPage, PaperPort and PDF Converter Enterprise from Nuance all incorporate these three fundamental elements of IT security. PDF Converter Enterprise uses 256-bit encryption while OmniPage and Paperport use 128-bit encryption. Security experts expect that 128-bit encryption will work well on the Internet for at least the next ten years.

This family of world leading “productivity applications” vastly improve the way in which paper and digital documents are processed, archived and shared. Their ease of use, wide compatibility and broad functionality mean they can vastly improve an organization’s productivity while delivering significant reductions in costs.

  • OmniPage is the world’s most accurate document conversion application. It has 99%+ accuracy so it can turn paper and digital documents into files you can edit, search and share in the format of your choice.
  • PaperPort is the world’s most powerful desktop document management system — organize, view and find over 150 document and photo formats
  • PDF Converter Enterprise 6 is the ultimate PDF solution that allows you to create, convert, edit and share PDFs. Features include:
  • Full redaction capabilities, bates stamping tools with customizable stamp profiles, and network deployment tools that let you customize your installation.
  • Quickly and easily apply security settings to your documents as simply as drag and drop. Apply digital signatures, password protection, and encryption certificate security to secure your documents against unwanted usage or modifications.

All three applications combine to reduce your reliance on paper, automate repetitive manual tasks and give fast, secure access to information. And of course, this in turn leads to reduced information processing costs and labor.

For more information contact Nuance on 1300 550 716

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