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Is your workspace killing you?

Research shows the typical office design is harmful. Here’s how to create a healthy space for you and your employees.

Sitting seems to be among the safest of activities, but new research shows it can actually kill you. The unsettling study found that spending most of your time sitting, and then attempting to make up for it with a few hours at the gym here and there, isn’t really that healthy.

But what are you supposed to do with this depressing insight? You’ve likely done all the basics to keep yourself healthy despite your long hours at the office, but you’re not about to trade your career as an entrepreneur for the life of a lumberjack or personal trainer.

Luckily, best-selling author and fitness nut Tim Ferriss has suggestions – a lot of them. In a ridiculously detailed blog post this week, he lays out how to resolve this sitting issue, and he also reveals everything his company does to promote a healthy working environment. Here are some highlights:

  • Create alternate desk types. “Every person in our office has a choice of three desk setups,” write Ferriss. Employees can choose between a standing desk, a desk with an exercise ball for a seat, or the standard set-up. “We’re happy to report that, after working in this environment for more than three months, a majority of the people in our office have chosen to use standing desks or exercise ball chairs. Many folks, including myself, periodically switch between the two,” says Ferriss.

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