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Industry hopes code of conduct will improve group buying experience

Players in the group buying industry have voiced their optimism that a new code of conduct released to improve daily deals experience for all parties involved.

With issues such as overselling, under-pricing and unclear contracts, the new Australian Group Buying Code of Conduct aims to support all players involved in deal websites.

According to Handle My Complaint CEO Jo Ucukalo, there’s been numerous complaints about the current group buying system.

“… we know how disastrous things can be if things go wrong. However it is possible to maximise the marketing of the deal websites if you know how to navigate them – so we’re taking a proactive approach.”

With the group buying industry expected to exceed $400m in revenue 2011, doubts are still arising over its future given its potentially negative impact on business.

As a result of this, local businesses have recently been called upon to educate the business sector on deal websites.

Ucukalo said Handle My Complaint will be rolling out business seminars across Australia.

“Our seminars are offering businesses practical knowhow to run suitable deals thereby ensuring the viability of deal websites, livelihood of businesses and satisfied deal customers.”

Other companies are offering their services to ensure the sustainability of the industry by negotiating better deals for businesses.

“We work in the same way as a mortgage broker; rather than having the business owner shopping around for the best deal, we do all that for them and in doing so have been able to put pressure on their industry to negotiate a better rate,” Deal Brokerage GM Jacob Gough said.

The industry is hoping the new code of conduct, and the input of Australian businesses, will ensure deal websites will be better in the long run for all players involved.