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Improve laptop performance in FY12

With laptop technology matching some desktop computers, businesses are opting for the portability of laptops.  The convenience of this is self-evident, however the price is more than the dollars spent.

Comfort, productivity and performance fall short with daily use of laptops.

Posture is neglected, the keyboard is cramped, touch pads are awkward, and as for laptop speakers, sound quality is usually poor.   However, there are simple ways to increase performance and comfort.   Make use of the end of financial year sales and equip staff to make the everyday use of laptops more comfortable and productive.   Here are some suggestions:

1. Use a separate keyboard: With the keyboard being part of the laptop, individuals sit too close to the screen and the compact size means hands and wrists are cramped into a unnatural position. Equip staff with a natural keyboard that let’s their fingers glide across the keys.

2. Use a separate mouse: Using a touch pad is fine when a laptop is being used away from a desk for a short period of time – but using them all day is uncomfortable and can be a navigation nightmare. Connect a dedicated mouse to laptops for increased comfort and control.

3. Go wireless: When choosing keyboards, mice and other peripherals to add to your laptop, consider wireless. Not only will it reduce desktop clutter in the office, there’s no need to unplug so it’s easier to pick up the laptop and go.

4. Raise it up: Being hunched over a laptop all day is far from comfortable. The position of the screen isn’t at eye level causing poor posture and eventually aches and pains. Use a laptop riser so the screen is elevated to eye height and thereby encourage a better posture.

5. Create a mini theatre: Whether listening to music or videos or making a presentation to clients or colleagues, increase the impact by improving the sound quality with additional speakers. Consider a USB speaker that clips straight onto your laptop and boasts 360 degree stereo sound.

6. Insulate: Staff accept laptops literally, poising the computer on their laps for hours. This is uncomfortable and dangerous, considering laptop heat can cause burns to skin and infertility. Prevent this with a lap desk – providing a padded base with cooling fans for comfort and safety.

With the right product, a laptop can become a productive work station that’s not stationary.

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George Saad

George Saad

George Saad is Director at Logitech Australia. He spends his time creating better experiences for those who use computers in their business – richer, more comfortable, more fun, more productive, more convenient, more delightful.

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