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How to use technology to win a price war

Need to keep an eye on what your competitors charge? Let software do the work for you.

Chances are you’ve looked on Amazon for a used book that didn’t seem to be anything particularly special. And yet, when you saw the price, you thought to yourself, “Am I in the wrong business?” It was hundreds. Maybe thousands.

In fact, in one case a book about the genetics of flies-you know, the things you swat at during the summer-led to a price duel between two sellers that ultimately reached tens of millions. Each of the two set a price that was a consistent multiple of the other. The result was the simple power of a geometric progression gone amuck. (Eventually the top price rose above $23 million, generating quite the internet buzz.)

This was a case of algorithmic pricing. A growing number of resellers have begun to use so-called repricing software to automatically set product prices based on what competitors are doing. Vendors such as Appeagle, FeedVisor, Mercent, Teikametrics, and SellerExpress all sell a version of the software. In the extreme, it can be silly. But when used with greater control, the results can be helpful.

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