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How to spark a great idea: 5 steps

There is a simple method for creating great ideas. And it really works.

Some people have a knack for creativity. They spark ideas all the time. Unfortunately, that’s not me.

I keep running lists on my iPhone, on Google Drive, in journals, and on fluorescent Post-it Notes to capture ideas for my business, my family – and even this column. And for some bizarre reason the best ideas pop into my head while I’m drying my hair, applying makeup, driving, or exercising.

It turns out that actually, there’s a reason fabulous ideas bubble up at odd times. Brain Pickings blogger Maria Popova drew my attention to a book called A Technique for Producing Ideas, written in 1939 by ad man James Webb Young. Young describes the generation of ideas to be quite methodical, a “productive creative process,” not unlike the production of cars on an assembly line.

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