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How to sell your ideas

You’ve got all your employees excited about your vision. Now it’s time to convince the rest of the world.

To make a difference in your company and your market, you have to get others to accept and promote your ideas. You’re already a leader in your company. The next step is to become a leader in your niche – to use your ideas to influence an entire market, and to help your vision of the future take hold. As an executive talent agent working with senior executives and CEOs, I encourage my clients to get out of the office and start building visibility, credibility and reputation.

I subscribe to the VRE formula for success: Begin with a well-tested and honed Vision, accumulate a track record of Executing successfully, and then get out of the office to build the right Relationships and share your ideas. Here’s how to begin.

Vision: Getting Out There

Just as you test products before bringing them to market, you need to test your ideas before trying to become an evangelist for them. So try explaining the kernel of your big idea to appropriate stakeholders to get their input. Once you’re confident that you can get others to understand and accept your basic idea, try re-framing it so that it tells a bigger story that engages others.

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