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How to motivate Gen-Y employees

Money’s not enough to keep Gen Y motivated and productive. So what do these folks really want? 

Do you have a retention strategy for your young, talented people? Does it boil down to, “Pay them more and they will stay”?

If so, you’re in trouble. On its own, money is rarely enough to keep employees on board and engaged. That’s especially true of younger talent, which is likely to come from Generation Y. Members of Generation Y are hard driven, tech savvy, ambitious, and well aware of the social context of their life and their work. Sure, they want money and “stuff,” but they also value the communal and social aspects of their lives.

Given the characteristics of people in Generation Y, what are the best ways to keep them happy, productive, and working for you?

Make your expectations clear

Talented individuals get frustrated when they feel they aren’t getting anything done. That’s why unclear expectations and ambiguous directives are a recipe for burnout and resignations.

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