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How to hire the right employees for your start-up

When you’re on a tight start-up budget and timeline, it can be easy to make compromises on who you hire. Don’t. Here’s what to look for in an employee.

Here’s something funny about first-time entrepreneurs. Even though they dream about making all the big decisions as boss of their own enterprise, when the time comes to recruit first teammates, they compromise. It’s true. Instead of seeking out a fabulous fit for their organisation, they settle for the first person who “is available” and expresses enthusiasm for the startup mission.

The reason why startup entrepreneurs have a difficult time finding good people is they don’t try that hard. Here are five considerations to help you hire the employee of your dreams.

1. Hire desired skills. Start-up entrepreneurs are prone to hire an unqualified employee because the job candidate claims to be a ‘fast learner.’ This kind of enthusiasm may work for larger companies with extensive training resources, but not for budget-starved start-ups.

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