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How to cure your work addiction

Unless you start delegating tasks you would normally trust only to yourself, you’re doomed to keep running in place, headed for burnout.

What would you do today if you didn’t have to work?

That’s not a trick question. It’s a question that trainers with the Strategic Coach program ask in order to help break their entrepreneur clients of work addiction. Dan Sullivan, the Toronto-based founder of Strategic Coach, has often said that you can have everything you want in life as long as you’re willing to give up everything you don’t want. The problem is that a lot of super-successful high-performing people never stop to think about what they’d be doing today if they didn’t have to do anything.

The survey research I did for my book Business Brilliant revealed a lot of interesting things about the habits of self-made millionaires. The research showed, for instance, that such super successful individuals are much better than most people at limiting their activities to only those things that they do best. They are very good at getting others to do work that they themselves are not exceptionally good at. It’s a trait that ensures they don’t waste time on activities that would be better handled by people with superior expertise.

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