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Sure, starting and running a business comes with risks. But a savvy entrepreneur knows how to minimise them by taking calculated risks instead of crazy ones.

Although I was by no means the world’s greatest law student, the fact that I could write well, was older than most of my classmates and had some real-world experience landed me one of the best jobs of anyone in my class upon graduation: working at the big firm in the big city while making the big bucks.

But that dream job soon turned sour when it dawned on me that they weren’t paying me that sweet salary for nothing. The hours were grueling and the work demanding. Before long, I was dreaming about leaving that “dream job” and starting my own law practice.

But doing that was easier said than done. As anyone who has ever contemplated starting a business knows, the risks of the venture loom large. How does one leave the security of a job and paycheck and benefits for the uncertainty of a new business? The potential perils seemed too big. And then I remembered the words a wise old entrepreneur once told me:

“An entrepreneur is a person willing to take a risk with money to make money.”

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