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How going green can save you money

It’s not just for do-gooders – sustainability saves money, too.

When it comes to sustainability, I’m on a mission to shift the conversation from the nebulous concept of “going green” to the more definitive one of “choosing quality.” The primary outcome is the same–less trash in landfills–but my methods will also save you money. Here are my four key guidelines.

Buy the best you can afford. I used to believe I was being frugal by purchasing a new $3 pair of gardening gloves each March. When they fell apart in the fall, I would simply throw them away. Then one year I splurged and bought a $15 pair of gloves. I haven’t bought another since.

Lesson learned: Quality items have a higher initial cost, but the total cost of ownership (and impact on the environment) is often much lower than it would be for a cheaply made equivalent.

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