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Have you considered property investment?

This week there has been some great news for property investors. Interest rates have been kept on hold, in addition to the $10,000 home owners boost in Queensland coming into full effect as well as the NSW home owner boosts.

Now is the time property investors should look at dipping their toes into the housing market.

For property investors, there’s always an element of risk about what might happen. To take full advantages of the opportunities property investment offers, you really need to overcome that fear. If this is something that has always worried you, I would look to align yourself with a property buyer.

You need to sort through these companies, as there are a lot of so-called “property buyers” out there selling properties. Most of them charge no fees and get a commission paid directly from the developer to sell their property, meaning they essentially act as the developer’s real estate agent. As you would be aware, these companies are offered all sorts of properties in every area, but the good ones will only offer you a selected few properties and will be able to back this up with statistics and research. These firms have essentially become research experts and sift through the enormous amounts of reports to find the next safe booming area.

I’ve recently been involved with one of these firms and have seen the reports they show potential clients – I’ve seen that they also handle all the loan brokerage, and everything from start to finish.

These sales will normally be high-growth with mid-range yield house and land packages. The complex reports they put together can show you the out-of-pocket expense each week and the expected growth, which they always prepare on a  very conservative basis even if the suburb is predict to grow at a much larger rate. For a novice investor, this can take upwards of 100 hours of research, not considering the travel that you would have to do to investigate the area.

For a new investor this can be a very overwhelming experience and I would suggest you contact us so we can put you in touch with the right people within this area and show you how to retire on $104,000 per year