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Growing? How to maintain your start-up culture

Your business may be getting bigger but that doesn’t mean you need to lose the cool company culture of your early days.

A lot of people get into start-ups to avoid the stuffy suit-and-org-chart style culture of big companies. But if you’re good (and a bit lucky) and the business you founded starts to grow, you’re faced with a challenge–how do you keep that inspiring, humane and relaxed vibe of the early days going even if your company is now far from just four people in a garage?

Thankfully, it may be a tricky question but it’s one lots of experienced entrepreneurs have weighed in on, offering tips to founders following in their footsteps. Most recently Fast Company posed this question to some folks who have experienced rapid growth in their businesses and got some intriguing suggestions, including:

Grow the staff, not the teams. As part of its due diligence process, CityGrid hunts for startups with a strong sense of company culture, even if it’s only shared among three people–the size of Urbanspoon’s staff was when it was acquired. Still based in Seattle, Urbanspoon’s ranks have swelled to 70 people and counting, but true to its roots, the vibe is still casual. There are no corporate titles listed on the website and all headshots are candid photos of staff tucking into a favorite dish.

…to read this article in full, visit leading US small business resource, Inc.

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