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Gotcha! 2013’s best April Fools pranks

Depending on your gullibility levels, April Fools Day is either one of the funniest days of the year, or the most disappointing.

It seems that more and more businesses are getting some April Fools action each year, with 2013 a bumper year for pranks.

Here are our three favourites:

1.    Smelling is believing

Ever the innovators, Google released details of a new feature to heighten your web experience – Google Nose, “the new scentsation in search.”

The Google Nose feature would allow users to capture and upload smells, which others would then be able to access through a simple Google search. Smells would also be captured through “Street Sense vehicles,” which “have inhaled and indexed millions of atmospheric miles.”

2.    Kogan Chadstone

Announcing a new flagship store at the southern hemisphere’s biggest shopping centre: Kogan Chadstone!

Online consumer electronics retailer Kogan sent out a media release announcing its first bricks and mortar store, which founder and CEO Ruslan Kogan promised would be “massive”. He said, “While the cost of designing and fitting out the store may have cost millions, the shopping and browsing and experience will be magical.”

3.    Twttr

Twitter announced a new two-tiered service on its blog on April 1st, scaling back its free platform to tweets written only with consonants. Use of the vowel-friendly platform will set you back five dollars a month, they wrote.

The reason for the switch? “By eliminating vowels, we’ll encourage a more efficient and ‘dense’ form of communication.”

What do you think?

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Gina Baldassarre

Gina Baldassarre

Gina is a journalist at Dynamic Business. She enjoys learning to ice skate and collecting sappy inspirational quotes.

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