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Got a start-up idea? How to pick a co-founder

You and your co-founder need to be ‘business soulmates.’ Here’s how to make sure you’re in sync.

The most important employee decision you will ever make as an entrepreneur is your first one: choosing your co-founder. Together, you will create the foundation upon which your company will be built; how well you two work together will dictate the business model, the culture, and ultimately, the company’s level of success.

Yet choosing the right co-founder is a decision that a surprising number of entrepreneurs mishandle. To avoid the dire consequences of choosing an ill-fitting co-founder, follow these rules:

It’s Business, Not Personal

When it comes to selecting a co-founder, comfort is king. You two will be discussing business problems with one another virtually every day, so you want someone who you feel comfortable enough with to be able to voice your opinions freely.

The perfect co-founder is your “business soulmate.” While it’s unrealistic to think you will agree with your co-founder on every decision, your life and business philosophies should be aligned. This will ensure that despite minor differences, you will remain united on the company’s values and direction.

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