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Google launches ‘super phone’ to rival Apple

Google has stepped up its efforts to trump Apple in the smartphone market, with the launch of what is being dubbed a ‘super phone’ in the US last week.

Google’s Nexus One is an HTC-built phone using Google’s own mobile software platform, Android and boasts similar features to that of the Apple iPhone. It is the same weight as the iPhone, but has a 5 megapixel camera instead of the iPhone’s 3 megapixels, and for social media buffs it automatically gives the status of those in the contacts list.

The Nexus One will be sold only through a Google web store and is currently available in the US, Britain, Singapore and Hong Kong for $US529 or $179 with a two-year contract on T-Mobile (US).

It is unclear whether the phone will be made available in Australia, with no launch date set.

A Google Australia spokeswoman said the phone will be unveiled country by country and Google will “do what works best for users in each location.”

Jessica Stanic

Jessica Stanic

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