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Get nosy. Pry a little. You’ll win big

If you want to grow your business, nothing is more essential than a big dose of curiosity.

Recently, I spoke to some high school students and one asked me: “If you had to give us an example of one thing that makes your business keep growing, what would it be?”

It took me only a fraction of a second to answer: “Curiosity,” I said.

The students looked almost as surprised as I must when I encounter people in business who seem to lack this essential ingredient. More than any other skill, talent, or type of training, I’m convinced curiosity is what creates growth.

Curious? Read on.

Curiosity uncovers opportunity.

Not long after I started my company, Metal Mafia, I hired a salesperson who was making plenty of sales calls, but not making a lot of sales. As I listened to her calls to help pinpoint why she was not doing well, I heard her speak to a customer who told her he had just come back to the shop after undergoing two of three surgeries for which he was scheduled. Because of the surgeries, he had not been able to order for a while. Rather than delve further into his situation, the salesperson just plowed ahead with, “Well, when you get back to the shop definitively, maybe you can have a look at our catalogue. I will send one out today,” and awkwardly ended the call.

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