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Get back more free time

Overly busy? Struggling with delegation? Get back more free time with these three helpful tips.

There are things you love to do and things you have to do. Eventually everyone finds there is precious little time to do all of both. The only way out of this conundrum is to delegate the Have To tasks to someone else. This is harder than it sounds for most people.

Whether you’re trying to pass on a task to an employee, colleague, or even a family member, there are two basic reasons you don’t delegate a task you dislike.

A. You don’t trust other people to do the task right.

B. You can’t or won’t take the time to teach someone to do it right.

In either case, most people choose the path of least resistance, which is to simply do the task themselves. Unfortunately, this approach perpetuates poor productivity and chronic overload. Don’t fret! Here are some simple (not necessarily easy) tips to help you break the job-hogging cycle.

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