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Fresh Produce Group the apple of NetSuite’s eye

Fresh Produce Group (FPG) have taken home the coveted NetSuite “Hairball Award” for realising the greatest cost reductions and disentanglement from conventional on-site software.

Fresh Produce GroupThe award is designed to reward companies that have used cloud computing technology to free themselves from what NetSuite has deemed “the hairball of applications and middleware that hinders productivity and drives up costs.”

Cloud computing technology is based around disentangling businesses from conventional and inefficient on-premise software, leading to a simplification and integration of system platforms eliminating unnecessary complexity.

FPG were declared this year’s clear winners, having posted net profit margins of 100 per cent as well as saving 1 million dollars a year by identifying and reducing overheads.

Leon Condon, Director of FPG was overjoyed with the result, reflecting upon the motivation behind his business turnaround

“We were looking for control, leading to improved profitability. We had to become a technologically advanced business.

“It’s a real accolade to know that the successes we’ve achieved in partnership with NetSuite are seen as significant in the global perspective.”

NetSuite’s managing director for Asia-Pacific, Chris Schafer said that although the Hairball Awards are inherently good-humoured by nature, they highlight what is a very real issue for modern businesses.

“The Hairball Awards are a light-hearted approach to a very serious problem facing businesses of all sizes today.

“Organisations around the world are painfully gagging on their inefficient, tangled mass of complex, expensive enterprise software systems.”

Nominees for the awards were chosen from among NetSuite’s customers who have successfully implemented the clouding technologies to clean up their network systems.

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