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Five ways to spot trends before they happen

Want to recognise the next big thing before everyone else? Here’s how it’s done.

How do some people seem to know about the next big thing way ahead of everyone else? Because they know how to recognise early signs of change.

To get a look at how it’s done, I talked to Panos Panay, founder and CEO of Sonicbids, an 11-year-old social music marketing service that connected bands with more than 95,000 gigs in 2011. Panay says the music industry is among the three most competitive (the other two being media and technology), and the ability to spot trends before they happen is a life-and-death skill. Here’s how he does it:

1. Stop talking and listen.

“Today, there’s too much broadcasting and not enough receiving,” Panay says. “Everyone is focused on pumping out information, but turning off our own signal and receiving and digesting, that’s a skill that has gone away.”

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