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Five steps to a successful business turnaround

A comeback starts with a vision for reinventing your company for the post-recession era.

When there was still a frontier, Americans were pioneers. In the 21st century, they need to be “visioneers” – especially when it comes to growing and maintaining successful businesses. What do I mean by “visioneering?” It is nothing less than the embrace of constant change. The change needs to be accepted and capitalised on because it is happening.

The recession made it painfully apparent that the internet, smartphones and other new technologies are causing huge disruptions. The economy has changed, the world has changed and with these changes business has also changed dramatically.

The only question is whether you are going to change too in order to capitalise on it, or be left behind. You may be a natural when it comes to adapting to chaos and change. But even those who are not can still thrive by consciously changing their daily thinking and planning to stay one step ahead.

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