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Five reasons you aren’t a great boss

These common blind spots could be preventing you from being the manager you need to be.

You want to be a great boss. You need to be a great boss.

But unless you overcome these five barriers, according to Edwin Miller, CEO of the cloud-based strategy automation software company 9Lenses and author of Insight to Action: A Social Approach to Business Automation, you never will be:

1. You only stick to what you know.

It’s natural: If you’re a programmer at heart you’ll spend most of your time on technical issues and product development and little on sales. If you’re into numbers you’ll spend tons of time with cash flow and little with operations.

When that happens, though, you only view your business through the lens of what you know–which means you’ll tend to ignore other areas critical to success, and often over-manage your area of expertise. No matter how great your product, it still must be sold; no matter how much strategic sense an expansion into new territories makes, it still must be financed.

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