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Finance professionals hit pavement to beat stress

In order to de-stress and perform better at work, finance professionals are turning to extreme sport and creative hobbies.

According to Aequalis Consulting’s latest survey of 250 employees and candidates in the finance sector, 78 percent turn to extreme sports such as skydiving and creative hobbies such as blogging in order to de-stress from work and achieve the perfect work/life balance.

“These survey results suggest that many of our candidates are striving to have a good work/life balance,” says Aequalis Consulting Director Simon Boulton.

“Creative hobbies and individual pursuits are a great way to de-stress outside working hours. They can also assist with performance.”

According to Sydney-based finance manager Daniel Sloman, accountants and those in the finance sector are often stereotyped as nerdy “indoor” types.

“Traditionally, there’s been a “nerdy” association with finance people. When I first started out as an accountant, I used to say I was a landscape gardener.”

But they are more than just their jobs, as Finance Manager Kelly Mainis, from Sylvania points out. She has been working in finance for 15 years and in her spare times liked to skydive to de-stress.

“I’ve skydived about 1000 times. I know a lot of accountants, doctors and lawyers, people in high-pressure jobs, that jump to de-stress.
“It’s improved my performance at work by encouraging me to take positive risks. It’s also made my professional life better because it gives me perspective; especially after a long week.”

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