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Australian businesses fail with failover internet

Australian businesses are keen to adopt cloud computing applications and technologies but are overlooking the need for back-up internet connections, a new survey has found. Cloud computing technology

The 2010 Broadband Barometer survey, released by business telecommunications service provider Pacnet, found that 60 percent of Australian businesses intend to deploy data backup and archival applications in 2011, compared to the 8 percent currently using these applications. Another area of cloud computing technology set to increase in 2011 is sever virtualisation, with 41 percent of businesses indicating their intention to deploy compared to the 1 percent of businesses who are currently experiencing hosted virtualisation.

The findings validate the attention cloud computing has been receiving and indicate that these applications are now mature and affordable, says CEO of Pacnet in Australia and New Zealand Deborah Homewood.

“SMEs are seeing the advantages of hosted services as they are able to outsource the management of their mission-critical data and applications, freeing up valuable resources to focus on activities that contribute to their core business”, said Ms Homewood.

Despite this growth of cloud computing technology and applications, the study also found that most businesses have overlooked the need for a back-up internet connection. Only 35 percent of surveyed businesses had a back-up internet service for their office, with just an additional 23 percent considering getting a back-up internet connection in 2011.

This discovery is worrying, as applications delivered from the cloud do not now require the same investment in hardware and software, according to executive director of the Franchise Council of Australia Steve Wright.

“Side by side with this, of course, is making sure that you not only have the primary systems adequately set up, but also have back-up that will actually give you a decent level of service, not leave you stuck in the dial-up internet age,” said Mr Wright.

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