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Facebook Pages: Big changes coming soon

Your company’s Facebook pages are about to get a big makeover. Here’s how to make sure you’re ready for it.

Spent a lot of time learning about and building out your company’s existing Facebook page? Oh well: It’s pretty much being upended by March 30, whether you like it or not.

Facebook’s latest announced round of changes to Pages, the business equivalent of your personal profile page, go live at the end of the month. They remind me of this great quote from Tom Bedecarré, CEO of mega-agency AKQA, at last week’s IAB Annual Leadership Meeting:  “For clients, Facebook is becoming the Internet,” he said. “And for brand marketers, Facebook is the black hole of marketing.”

True enough. And I’m guessing that most of you don’t have a mega-agency like AKQA to help you along in the learning/fixing/updating process.

While Facebook extols the virtues of its new timeline-based Pages, I do feel it’s important to address the pain these changes will impose upon small and medium-sized businesses. I field weekly inquiries from businesses that don’t even know where to start with social networks like Facebook–let alone how to keep up with both the never-ending barrage of new platforms while juggling changes to existing ones.

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