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Evernote, the online note sharing service has launched a new product designed specifically for business, in Australia.

As more businesses move online, a range of online file sharing services have also launched to assist business in their operations. Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote are popularly used file sharing services which can give you access to files of certain sizes no matter where you are. These services have become infinitely handy for small businesses who are looking to reduce their server size or who work remotely.

To further their own market share, Evernote has released Evernote Business, designed with the intention of being used by small businesses who need to bring together their files together for business collaboration rather than private use. Launched in Australia this week after being released late last year in America, Evernote Business offers a range of new functions in addition to Evernote’s current functionalities, including the ability to add documents into distinct business notebooks (separate from personal ones) which can then be shared with colleagues, immediately updated note content based on the most recent edit, the ability to set simple permissions in case employees move on from the company or into different teams, and a business library which can become a repository for all collated information and notebooks- helpful information for any new staff.

Other integrated functions which will prove helpful for businesses include the related notes feature, which brings up any notes that are related to the new topic that you’re creating. A similar feature becomes useful when researching online and any related notes will show in your website’s browser when searching, as related results. Evernote business also has an increased upload volume and has the ability to tag notes so users can easily search for specific tags.

New Evernote COO Ken Gullicksen said that small business has driven the take up of Evernote in Australia. “No matter if you are one of the 2 million small businesses that help drive Australia’s economy, or a strategic team in a larger company, you likely share the challenge of how you can discover and leverage the knowledge of individuals and grow groups within your organisation. Evernote is thrilled to bring Evernote Business to Australia to address these challenges, and help businesses grow.”

For more information on how to use Evernote Business, visit their video tutorial.


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Rhiannon Sawyer

Rhiannon Sawyer

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