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Espresso Essential – Fully Automatic Real Bean Coffee Systems

Espresso Essential provides businesses with café quality real bean coffee at the touch of a button. The company produces over 6.7 million cups of coffee and hot chocolate per year. They specialise in providing coffee solutions to businesses that don’t fit the traditional café market. Their systems are installed in a wide variety of businesses including offices, convenience and retail stores, pubs and clubs – any business that wants to keep staff happy and your customers coming back. They also reduce staff coffee breaks as they no longer need to duck out to the local café for their caffeine fix.

The company uses a fleet of vans for the purpose of free on-site taste tests, allowing potential clients to see the solutions available to satisfy their needs. They are a ‘one stop shop’ offering machine sales and installation, café stands, supply of all consumables (coffee beans, milk, sugar, chocolate), through to supply of cups, lids and stirrers.

Wide Drink Selection – Most systems feature a Chocolate Latte, a deliciously smooth and creamy drink made with chocolate and 99% fat free milk. Other popular selections include Cappuccino, Café Latte, Flat White, Espresso Short and Long, Mochaccino and hot water for the tea drinkers. Dedicated to the world of real bean espresso connoisseurs, they have developed unique flavour blends, using only the very best ingredients. Their A-grade beans are sourced from the highest quality producers throughout the world then roasted in-house at their Gold Coast Head Office for the ultimate in freshness and taste.

Quality Hand-Made Italian Machines – Machinery is sourced from Italy’s leading fully automatic espresso manufacturer, precision built in typical ‘Italian’ style (think Ferrari). Their exclusive manufacturer has been hand building innovative designs to exacting standards for over 35 years.

Espresso Essential has developed a unique 99% Fat Free milk which is unmatched in the market. With strong dedication to the reliability of their machinery and a National Support Network, they have established themselves as the market leader in the fully automatic real bean espresso market.

Bean Counters Discover Workplace Productivity Loss of $1.8 Billion

Coffee consumption has increased by a staggering 65% in the last ten years in Australia alone. When it comes to getting a great coffee there are now many ways to get your caffeine fix. Coffee drinkers can now enjoy everything from cafés, to mobile coffee delivery vans, and workplaces are now making use of fully automatic coffee machines. As coffee popularity grows, workplaces are turning their attention to lost productivity as workers are skipping out for a caffeine fix four or more times per day, rather than the traditional morning coffee. In fact, a 2005 study conducted by human resources firm Talent2 discovered coffee drinkers were costing Australian businesses more than $1.8 Billion in lost productivity each year.

Like to Find Out More? – Their systems are compact, stylish, hygienic and able to deliver freshly ground gourmet coffee at the touch of a button. If you would like more info about the Espresso Essential range of fully automatic real bean coffee systems, call 1300 ESSENTIAL (that’s 1300 377 368) or visit www.EspressoEssential.com And as they say at Espresso Essential “Life is too short to drink bad coffee.”

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