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Employers wary of LinkedIn liars

Over 80 percent of employers believe job candidates lie on their LinkedIn profiles, a new survey has revealed.

The survey, conducted by recruitment marketing firm Employment Office, found that employers are wary of people embellishing their profiles with overstated skills and work experience.

“It can be very easy to get away with exaggerating skills and responsibilities in previous roles. Many candidates believe employers don’t have the time to verify every detail of their previous employment, and unfortunately, this is often the case,” says Tudor Marsden-Huggins, managing director of Employment Office.

Almost 70 percent of employers believe people lie about job titles and responsibilities in previous roles, while information about education and qualifications also isn’t trusted.

With over 4 million Australian members, LinkedIn has become a part of the business landscape and is often used by employers to identify new talent and potential employees.

“LinkedIn is a great way for professionals to connect with their industry peers and colleagues. However, when it comes to recruitment, it’s vital for employers to safeguard their business by utilising a robust recruitment platform,” says Marsden-Huggins.

He believes employers must safeguard their business by conducting reference checks and testing procedures during recruitment.

Of course, Marsden-Huggins warns job seekers against embellishing profiles.

“It’s the same with LinkedIn as it is with life, untruths are usually uncovered at some stage. It’s best to portray yourself with truthful information in your LinkedIn profile to avoid damage to your reputation if and when colleagues find out you’ve lied and exaggerated,” he says.

“After all, LinkedIn is supposed to help your career and build credibility, but unverified information can actually do the opposite.”

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