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Employee stress creating skills gap

Australian organisations are suffering from significant gaps in workforce skills, an Australian Institute of Management VT survey has found, due largely to high levels of employee stress.

The survey of over 2000 business executives and professionals revealed that 82 percent of organisations have a gap in their workforce skills. This is up from AIM VT’s previous survey, in which 76 percent of respondents highlighted a skills gap in their company

The survey also uncovered corresponding issues, with 65 percent of respondents acknowledging that employee stress was the biggest negative flow-ons of the skills gap.

“Organisations need to ensure they have effective programs in place to monitor and respond to signs of employee stress as part of their overall employee engagement and skills management programs,” AIM VT CEO Susan Heron said.

64 percent of survey respondents reported being approached by potential employers with new job opportunities, further emphasising the need for current employers to address the skills gap.

“Employers must avoid prolonged exposure to the negative flow-on effects of a skills gap.  Our survey shows that a skills deficiency hits more than a company’s short term profits – it erodes employee confidence and prompts skilled workers to seek more attractive employment opportunities elsewhere,” Heron added.

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