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Katrina Hodgkinson NSW Minister for Small Business

Editor Jen Bishop meets with NSW Small Business Minister about axing of events

Dynamic Business editor Jen Bishop met with NSW Small Business Minister Katrina Hodgkinson at Parliament House yesterday.

They discussed the new $5 million Small Biz Connect program for the State. Hodgkinson invited Bishop to meet her after we broke the news last week about Small Business September and other small business programs being axed.

Dynamic Business still feels many questions around the changes have been left unanswered. As such, Bishop left the Minister with a number of questions, which she has agreed to endeavour to answer by the end of today. We will share the answers with you next week.

Hodgkinson confirmed that the $5 million is an annual budget for the program (there was some concern this amount might be spread across more than 12 months) and that more money will be spent on small business-related activities under the new provisions.

The pair discussed a better dialogue between the magazine and the Minister’s office going forward.