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EcoDisc pushes for a greener media

Australian company Ecodisc Limited is attempting to convince more businesses to kinder to the environment, with the release of its new EcoDisc. green media

The EcoDisc functions as a DVD but is thinner, lighter and more flexible than normal DVDs and requires 50 percent less energy to manufacture. It is also less toxic than normal DVDs, containing 50 percent less polycarbonate and toxic bonders.

In addition to the environmental benefits of the disc, Ecodisc Limited offers a repair service for customers to extend the life of the discs. Unwanted discs can be sent to processing facilities to be recycled and used again.

The environmental benefits of the EcoDisc, coupled with the repair service, will hopefully convince businesses to use the disc in their day-to-day operations says Executive Director and Chairman of Ecodisc Limited Peter Scicluna.

“The Ecodisc product range includes the media itself, obviously, but also includes disc repair and recycle services – we’re providing a complete solution for companies that want to improve their environmental position,” Mr Scicluna said.

“We want to push public recognition of the EcoDisc, so companies that use our products will know that their buying public recognises the environmental value of the materials they are using in their own products,” added Mr Scicluna.

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