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Does your rock star have a bad attitude?

High-performing “bad apples” can destroy your team. Here’s how to handle the situation without losing a star performer.

Most business owners have encountered one of the most troublesome types of employee, the type I call the “high-performing bad apple.”

These are individuals who typically do great work – they’re sharp, knowledgeable, and influence others – but who have a pervasive bad attitude, challenge company policy or authority, and constantly grouse about work. They also tend to belittle the company – usually behind your back, but sometimes openly.

The problem with these high-performing bad apples (let’s call them HPBAs) is that their negativity is almost never contained solely to them; their insidious influence can quickly turn even otherwise happy colleagues against the company.

Effective leaders quickly identify an HPBA and take time to weigh how to handle the situation. And it’s a tricky one: You don’t want to lose a top performer, but you simply can’t allow one person to cripple the whole team’s morale.

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