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Innovative system notifies you of parcel delivery

Innovative system notifies you of parcel delivery

In a world first, Central Coast company EBIS (Encore Business Integrated Solutions) has developed, a messaging system which sends pictures, video and even a voice confirmation of delivery, before the driver gets back to their van.

In what is expected to become an essential tool for businesses throughout the world, the patented Encore Messaging system puts an end to wondering when deliveries will arrive.

Everyone has a story about being told to wait at home for a delivery, so you stay in all day and still somehow miss it. No more! Encore Messaging now gives courier and company drivers the ability to let customers know in advance of them coming, without needing to make a call, but using SMS instead.

The message would read, “Hello <customer name> your <insert company name> delivery is 30 minutes away. Call <driver name> on <driver mobile> if you’re unable to pickup.”

Encore Messaging is also a great tool for companies who have a mobile workforce because the system monitors driver’s speed and their whereabouts, while giving drivers access to Google Maps and a job sheet all via their mobile smartphone, EBIS managing director Jon White explained.

“Whilst most courier firms do already have a tracking facility which protects them, Encore Messaging takes customer service another several steps forward. This system engages more with the people who pay for the service – the customer – whilst providing retailers with an edge – the ultimate in customer service,” Mr White said.

For more information about Encore Messaging visit www.encoremessaging.com

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