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Customer service changing in the internet age

The latest Bank of Queensland Straight Talk Survey has found that even in the internet age, customers are most likely to vote with their feet when confronted with poor service.

“Eighty-four percent of those surveyed said they would simply take their business elsewhere when dissatisfied with customer service,” Bank of Queensland Group Executive Daniel Musson said.

“Australians are also more likely to make a complaint at the time of the bad service experience than to take the time afterwards to contact the business to lodge a formal complaint.”

In an interesting result, only 2 percent of respondents indicated that they would use the internet to complain to others about bad service.

In the survey, 63 percent of Australians also nominated the telecommunications industry over retail, hospitality, banking, and insurance when asked to choose which sector delivered the worst customer service.

Bank of Queensland Group Executive Daniel Musson said the results of the survey may come as no surprise to many.

“Customers are no longer willing to wait in long queues, or wait hours or days for someone to get back to them,” he said. “This highlights the need for businesses to set realistic, but prompt benchmarks for customer service response times.” With customers having the motivation to look elsewhere for service that meets their expectations.

The Bank of Queensland Straight Talk Survey was sent to a sample of several hundred of the bank’s national small business clients.

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