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Customer engagement key for digital marketing

The proliferation of digital media devices has meant that the average person is consuming more media than ever before; and advertisers are facing the challenge of executing more cost effective and efficient campaigns, says managing director of digital marketing agency Permissions,  Jeremy Glass.

“Marketers are beginning to realise that going in for the quick win is no longer a viable option in these economic times.”

Marketers are now flocking to the digital marketing channels to drive greater return on investment.

In order to deliver business success and marketing ROI for the future, Glass recommends the following:

1. Engagement – communicating the right information to the right customer at a time when they are most responsive to the message through the right channels ensures that your customers are engaged with your brand and marketing messages.

2. Customer relationships – loyal customers are your best brand advocates and a ripe source of referrals. It is also five to seven times more cost effective to keep a customer loyal than to find a new one.

3. Digital channels – digital marketing channels are highly measurable, drive a stronger marketing ROI, cost effective and above all are highly relevant to the consumer.