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Credit: Alexander Grey

CUREator+ delivers $50m funding boost for BioMedTech startups

Brandon BioCatalyst and ANDHealth are excited to introduce a groundbreaking initiative, CUREator+, a transformative program backed by a substantial $50 million fund. 

Expressions of Interest are now officially open, inviting aspiring startups to partake in this remarkable endeavor. This visionary program has garnered recognition and endorsement from the Federal Government’s prestigious Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF). Following a rigorous competitive selection process, Brandon BioCatalyst, in collaboration with ANDHealth, has been entrusted with the responsibility of administering this incubator program designed to nurture and propel startups with immense commercial potential.

At its core, CUREator+ aspires to drive innovation in the medical and healthcare sectors, offering successful startups the unprecedented opportunity to access up to $5 million in non-dilutive funding. This funding will be strategically disbursed in tranches, contingent upon the achievement of crucial commercial milestones.

Australia’s recent performance in global innovation benchmarks has been less than satisfactory, with substantial declines noted across key indicators. An eye-opening study by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) reveals that out of 64 nations, Australia ranked a concerning third from last in entrepreneurship.

However, the unveiling of the CUREator+ program promises a pivotal shift in this landscape. By harnessing an innovative incubator model, the program is poised to invigorate Australian innovation, tapping into untapped potential within startups through enhanced translation and commercialization capabilities.

Dr. Chris Nave, the esteemed CEO of Brandon BioCatalyst, emphasizes the profound impact of CUREator+: “This program seeks to bridge the longstanding gaps that promising Australian companies face in terms of both funding and capabilities. By aligning substantial non-dilutive funding with the attainment of commercial milestones, we are effectively mitigating risk, rendering these companies more alluring for potential investments and partnerships.”

Bronwyn Le Grice, the visionary Managing Director and CEO of ANDHealth, echoes the sentiments of many SMEs in the industry: “Local capital and sector-specific expertise have consistently emerged as formidable challenges for our SMEs. CUREator+ funding is a game-changer, extending its support to companies that possess the potential to expand their influence both locally and globally. By offering strategic guidance and tailored advice, this program is committed to ushering in technologies that can tackle pressing global health issues, all while keeping their roots firmly planted in our home soil.”

CUREator+ is not merely about funding; it’s a holistic growth ecosystem. Successful applicants will gain access to invaluable research teams, specialized coaching in enhancing commercial capabilities, intellectual property development, and comprehensive support in areas of professional governance, management, and operational finance.

Dr. Nave underlines the enduring value of CUREator+’s expertise and networking opportunities: “Beyond the immediate non-dilutive funding, the true wealth lies in the knowledge and networks the program offers. Armed with these resources, startups are primed not only to thrive but also to attract further capital and realize commercial success.”

Le Grice passionately emphasizes the broader impact of CUREator+: “The ripple effects of this program are bound to significantly bolster Australia’s economic landscape. By turbocharging our innovation capabilities and directly addressing the roadblocks hampering commercialization, we are paving the way for a surge in highly skilled, deep technology jobs. These, in turn, will drive future economic growth.”

Applications for CUREator+ are now open and entrepreneurial researchers, clinical innovators and founders can find out more information about the program and expression of interest process here.  

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