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Contractors get the job done better

There’s a myth surrounding contractors: that they’re less loyal than full-timers, and not as productive. The reality though, is quite the contrary.

The just-released 2013 IPro Index found that contractors deliver heightened productivity and loyalty.

First developed in 2009, the now annual index by Monash University and sponsored by Entity Solutions, examines the attitudes of white-collar contractors (aka independent professionals or ‘IPros’).

This years’ results reflect the findings of previous years, finding that IPros are keen to share responsibility for project outcomes and are determined to work with permanent staff to achieve better results.

Key results:

  • 94 per cent agreed or strongly agreed that they had their client’s best interests at heart
  • 93 per cent agreed or strongly agreed they consistently meet specific project goals.

Far from being a casual resource with little loyalty, IPros continue to act as a vital component of any business.

“The research clearly shows that IPros are immersed and happy in their work,” Entity Solutions CEO, Matthew Franceschini said. “Again we have found that this group is dedicated and very valuable to organisations looking for quality, professional staff resources.”

What’s more, contractors engage in this style of work not because they ‘can’t find’ a full-time role – but simply because they prefer this work style. Key lifestyle benefits cited include the variety of work, the sense of freedom and the perceived ability to earn more money.

Dr Tui McKeown, Senior Lecturer at Monash University and report author, said this year’s results build on previous years and show that, as a group, IPros are a powerful resource. “They can become a valuable asset which adds considerable value to an organisation,” Dr McKeown said.

“Engaging an IPro is effectively engaging a small business of one. The results from our examination of control reveal an IPro is also a quintessential partner and team player,” Dr McKeown added.

Because these professionals are small business owners in their own right, IPros are highly motivated to be successful and prosper. They work to do what is best for their clients because it is also best for them.

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Stephanie Zillman

Stephanie Zillman

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