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Yasmin King - NSW Small Business Commissioner

Commissioners band together to help small business

Australia’s small business commissioners have signed an agreement to work collaboratively for the benefit of small businesses around the country.

An agreement has also been signed with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), with the aim of sharing information across the states about challenges facing SMBs.

According to NSW small business commissioner Yasmin King, the agreement was signed at the first meeting between the Queensland, Victrorian, South Australia, West Australian and New South Wales commissioners last week. The meetings will rotate around jurisdictions on a bi-monthly basis.

“In addition to giving small business operators a voice, we’re focused on delivering results that make a real difference to the vital small business sector in NSW, and across Australia,” King said.

King said the goal of these meetings for New South Wales is to drive a number of initiatives for SMBs in the state, including the provision of mediation services, which benefit small businesses in their dealings with landlords, other businesses and government “and provide an environment where they thrive, rather than just survive.”

“Anything we can do to improve conditions for our small business operators will obviously have a significant impact,” King added.