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Coming of age (why being 30 isn’t so bad)

It is true, for the last ten years I have been elusive about my age, when asked how old I am I have always politely said ‘ you should never ask a lady how old she is’. I think my husband thought I was 30 when I was in my early 20’s, due to what I did for a living, but now that the big 30 is rolling around I am more than happy to shout it from the roof tops.

There are big mountains to climb when you are a young person in business, lessons to be learnt and a long way to fall, hence why I have always been such a supporter of other young men and women in business. This month’s Dynamic Business Magazine is featuring the top business people under 30 to watch, so be sure to grab a copy and salute them and their achievements.

So what would my advice be if I knew ten years ago what I know now…

1.     Always back yourself and trust your gut instinct, every time I haven’t I have regretted it.
2.     Don’t just have one mentor or you run the risk of being let down.  Surround yourself with amazing people and focus on the positives they all bring to you.
3.     Build a recognisable brand and continue to invest in it so you can compete at a higher level. You can’t be successful in business if no one knows who your business is and what you do.
4.     Don’t engage in unethical behaviour, even if your competitors do – all you have is your reputation and it will always come back to you.
5.     Always get experts in:  accountants; solicitors; PR professionals.  A Jack of all trades is a master of none.
6.     Don’t think by throwing your weight around you will gain respect – you gain respect by being amazing at what you do.  Be fair, loyal and consistent.
7.     Know when to walk away – there will always be a cause, a battle to be won, but understand the time it takes away from your core business.
8.     Get a PA, Jessica saves my life every day, thanks Jess!
9.     Be prepared to start dying your hair young, having your own business sends you grey…and thank God for botox I hear some of you say.
10.  Don’t be afraid to take risks – people who don’t take risks have never flown like an eagle.
One young businesswoman to watch is Carly Crutchfield of CCORP <link to www.ccorp.com.au> – the largest and fastest growing property development companies in Australia, currently developing over $250 million worth of projects across Australia and she is only 29 years! Carly is one of the most dynamic female businesswomen I have ever met, you may have seen her on the front cover of Dynamic Business magazine in July or on last week’s launch of Channel Nine’s Secret Millionaire?

So to all the young business owners out there, I am now crossing over to other side – and I’m excited to see what wisdoms and insights come with the number 3 now in front of my age.  There are some, aren’t there?

What do you think?

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Fleur Madden-Topley

Fleur Madden-Topley

Fleur is managing director of <a href="http://www.redpr.com.au">Red PR</a> in Brisbane and Blue by Red PR in Sydney. She started her career as a journalist and Red PR was born out of the necessity for public relations professionals to deliver quality work and exceed both their clients’ and the media’s expectations. In seven years, Red has become one of the most respected lifestyle PR agencies in Australia. In 2008, it was the first Australian agency asked to partner with PROI, the largest global group of independently owned agencies.

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