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Charity hoping to inspire Aussies to greater productivity

Monday-itis, 3.30-itis – we all go through slumps through the course of the average workday or workweek, but a new app is hoping to inspire Aussies by making them think about charity.

A survey released by the online giving platform JustGiving found that almost 60 per cent of people believe donating to charity made them feel more positive and inspired. This can have an impact on productivity; 79 per cent of respondents said they’re more productive when they’re inspired.

As a result, JustGiving is hoping to inspire Australians and raise awareness for their favourite charities through Inspiragram, a new Facebook app.

The app generates inspirational quotes, allowing users to share quotes and images with friends in support one of seven partner charities.

Nikki Kinloch of JustGiving said that the app was created as the team saw social media is a huge driver of giving to charity; one in four charity donations made in Australia now comes from a mobile device.

“More donations come to JustGiving from Facebook than any other website, showing that this is a really impactful way for supporters to show they care about their chosen cause. By telling their story through quotes and inspirational images, we hope to help fundraisers inspire Australians out of the doldrums during the end of week slump,” Kinloch said.

The charities working with JustGiving include the Australian Red Cross, the Shane Warne Foundation, and the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

Send an Inspiragram here.

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Gina Baldassarre

Gina Baldassarre

Gina is a journalist at Dynamic Business. She enjoys learning to ice skate and collecting sappy inspirational quotes.

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