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Business travel perks for savvy travellers

Need an iPad with that? How about a Kindle reader? As airlines and hotels work to out-sell each other to business travelers the perks of travel – and travel loyalty – increase. Online check-in and kiosk-issued boarding passes are just part of the story.

Some airlines now offer iPads as part of their in-flight entertainment package, as do some hotels. Others have a Kindle for guest use – or better still, a Wii game console!

Not to be outdone, Australian airline Qantas is working to streamline check-in and save travelers time, rather than tempt them with technology trinkets. (Though, if you really must have a toy to play with, you can rent an iPad during your flight.)

If you’re Qantas card holder, with no baggage, you can just skip check-in all together – swipe the card at a Q chip reader and you’ll be checked in automatically.

People with baggage can either scan their boarding pass and leave their bags in the bag drop area, or, if the bags are tagged, simply scan the smart chip enabled Q Bag Tag – no need to scan your boarding pass.

So, fun and games aside, if your meeting runs over at least you can save some time getting on the plane.

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