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Federal government's childcare reform a 'targeted' and 'proportional' investment, but for who?

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Business news and updates: Australian Children are being introduced to the world of stock trading

Dynamic Business brings you a daily rundown of the most recent business news and developments from Australia and around the world. Here’s the roundup for October 4:

Australia-EU trade talks on hold

Trade discussions with the European Union have been halted after wavey waters between France and AUKUS drowned political correspondence. EU President Ursula von der Leyen has postponed the talks on a free trade deal until November. 

Before any new economic agreements can be made, German and Lithuanian leaders say trust must be rebuilt between the countries.

Australia alongside UK equal last in pay equality rankings

According to a new major international assessment, Australia is tied for last in a ranking of the gender pay gap among six countries. 

The analysis, issued by King’s College London with help from experts at The Australian National University, put Australia and the United Kingdom joint last in a variety of gender pay gap reporting systems. 

The researchers assessed and graded Australia, France, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom on 11 indices of women’s pay equality. Spain took top place with a score of 8.5 out of 11, followed by France with a score of 8. Australia scored 4 out of 11 points.

Australian Children are being introduced to the world of stock trading

According to new data, almost 270,000 Australian youngsters under the age of 12 are being introduced to the world of share trading by their parents. 

According to a national poll conducted by comparison site Finder, that is the anticipated number of people who have accounts set up in their names and are learning the intricacies of buying and selling stocks. 2% of the country’s children have bitcoin accounts.

Pubs could remain shut unless isolation rules change: AHA

If isolation regulations for those exposed to COVID-19 are not loosened, pubs and eateries may choose to remain closed even after Canberra’s lockdown is lifted. 

Anthony Brierley, general manager of the Australian Hotels Association ACT, has warned that venues will not go through the “horror” of reopening on October 15 if they know that a single infection might shut them down and force workers into a fortnight’s quarantine.

OPEC meets on output increase 

OPEC and its allies gather to discuss how much oil to release into the volatile market, where supply interruptions and rebounding demand from the COVID-19 outbreak have driven oil prices above $80 per barrel. 

The three-year high in oil prices has been worsened by a 300 percent surge in gas prices, which have come to trade close to $200 per barrel due to supply bottlenecks and limited output of other fuels.

Facebook does not believe it’s a primary contributor of polarization 

In an interview with CNN, a Facebook executive stated that the company does not feel its social media service is a key contributor to the political polarisation that has become prevalent in the United States.

Scandal-hit Ozy Media to shut down

Ozy Media, a US media company, has announced its closure after a growing controversy over its business methods. 

It comes after claims that Ozy’s COO misled potential investors during a conference call and is now being investigated by the FBI.

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