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British Airways staff agree to work for free

Employees of struggling British Airways have agreed to work for free for one month, helping to save the sinking airline up to $A20.6 million.

Last month the airline asked 800 staff to work for free, while promising that chief executive Willie Walsh and finance director Keith Williams would forgo their salaries in July.

Up to 7,000 employees put their hands up to work for free or take a pay cut. 800 have volunteered to work for free, while the remaining participants will take unpaid leave, work part-time, or take a pay cut.

Walsh has thanked his employees and applauded them for helping the airline to survive through a tough period.

“This is a fantastic first response’ to BA’s cost-cutting program. I want to thank everyone who has volunteered to help us pull through this difficult period. This response clearly shows the significant difference individuals can make.”

Would you work for free for a month?

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