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NZ Gelato store to launch ‘BP Oil Spill’ flavour gelato

New Zealand Gelato store Giapo is cashing in on the gulf oil spill crisis with a ‘BP Oil Spill’ flavoured gelato that aims to raise money for the affected area.

The Auckland based store owned by Gianpaolo Grazioli, plans to donate $1 from every ‘BP Oil Spill’ flavoured gelato to the Alabama Coastal Foundation, an organisation involved in the clean-up efforts on the Gulf Coast. The ‘BP Oil Spill’ flavour will be chocolate with streams of chocolate fudge and an upside down chocolate fish.

“We’ve seen the horrific images coming out of the Gulf of Mexico since the oil disaster, the pictures of the silent victims, the oil soaked wildlife are some of the most heart wrenching you may have seen.” Mr Grazioli said in a statement.

“Although far away, we can not sit idly by and watch these poor animals suffer, we need to do something to help.”

“So, here’s how we’re going to help – on Tuesday 15 June 2010  a BP Gelato will be launched; and will donate $1.00 from every one sold to the Alabama Coastal Foundation who are helping hands on with rescue efforts in the gulf.”

“We wanted to make a donation direct to one of the local bird rescue organisations but can’t as we’ve been told that BP are responsible for all these things; and we didn’t think it would go down well if we said we would give $1.00 from every gelato to BP – this just doesn’t sound right.” he said.

BP Oil Spill Gelato

For more information, see Giapo’s website.

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