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Bottle Domains terminated by auDA

The Australian Domain Name Administrator (auDA) has terminated the accreditation of Melbourne based Bottle Domains after the Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court of Victoria dismissed Bottle Domains’ appeal in proceedings against auDA.

Bottle Domain NamesBottle Domains is the trading name of Australian Style Pty Ltd, had its accreditation terminated after a serious breach of the company’s obligations under the Registrar agreement earlier this year, but appealed the decision in court which suspended auDA’s termination at the time until the Court’s decision on Friday.

Bottle Domains ran a domain registration business selling .com.au domain names (amongst others). Businesses who have domains registered with Bottle Domains are instructed to follow the procedure outlined on the auDA’s website to recover their domain name and transfer it to a new registrar.  Domains registered with Bottle Domains are not lost, but failure to transfer your domain to a new registrar could see it fail to be renewed when the current registration expires.

“The domain names of Bottle Domains’ customers are NOT at risk. auDA is in the process of contacting all those whose domain name is registered through Bottle Domains to provide them with all the information they need” said auDA CEO, Chris Disspain.

Just prior to the announcement of the Court’s findings last week, Bottle Domains issued a press release claiming their security was “at or above industry standard” according to auDA appointed auditors.

“We have complied with auDA’s requirements and remedied all of the problems that had concerned the authority,” said Bottle Domains’ Warren Erfurth

“auDA security auditors review our environment every 60 days and they believe that our level of security is at or exceeds industry standards,” Mr Erfurth said.

auDA is committed to Bottle Domain’s termination as a registrar, so it appears too little too late for Australian Style Pty Ltd.

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