BigCommerce one step closer to the first e-commerce platform

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BigCommerce has opened its platform to global developers via the new RESTful API, as it aims to build the world’s first e-commerce platform.

Third-party developers will now have total access to the BigCommerce platform via the API, making orders, customers, photos and products available for retrieval and update programatically.

BigCommerce co-founder Eddie Machaalani said API is the next step in creating the world’s first e-commerce platform.

“BigCommerce is already the easiest to use and fastest growing e-commerce platform in the world. From our headquarters in Surry Hills we’ve been able to power over 20,000 online retailers globally.”

Machaalani said opening up the platform will enable developers to build powerful order fulfillment, shipping, customer management, inventory management, accounting, marketing and analytics tools that plug straight in to any BigCommerce store.

Sum(All) CEO Dane Atkinson said working with the BigCommerce API has led to an easy integration with new e-commerce analytics.

“We already have beta customers signed up and we feel the potential to tap into the BigCommerce eco-system will have a direct impact on increasing sales for BigCommerce customers as well as helping us expand our reach. We chose BigCommerce as a critical partner due the power of their new API and their massive and highly sophisticated customers base.”

BigCommerce co-founder Mitch Harper says”there is no one-size-fits-all solution for e-commerce. We realised this a long time ago and our new API really puts BigCommerce in the middle as the platform, allowing unlimited integration possibilities for third party developers.”


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