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Become a charismatic public speaker

How many times have you been to a meeting or presentation where you were bored out of your mind? Too many to count? To avoid becoming a yawn-worthy public speaker yourself, make use of the internet.

One online option is Scene Change’s Presentation Channel. A monthly video program, which covers topics like being comfortable on stage, using a microphone, creating graphics and getting rid of bad mannerisms.

“Presenters are playing by rules set years ago, when communication was very different,” says Ian Whitworth, of Scene Change. “Long, templated lists of bullet points, read out to audiences for hours on end, are simply an ineffective way to get the message across.”

The point of a presentation is to create an emotional connection with the audience, Whitworth adds. After all, if all you’re doing is reading from a screen, why didn’t you send an email? “There are lots of simple, achievable changes presenters can make to connect better with their audiences.”

Visit www.scenechange.com.au or www.presentationchannel.com.au to check it out.

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