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Bakers Delight launches new brand strategy

Bakers Delight has unveiled a new long-term brand strategy, investing $6 million in a major repositioning of the business to ensure its continued growth in a changing market.

Australia’s most successful bakery franchise has changed business direction to focus on the expertise and authenticity of its bakers and baking methods, in line with growing consumer demand for fresh, natural and above all real produce.

Chris Caldwell, General Manager at Bakers Delight, said: “Our extensive research identified that consumers are unclear about what ‘fresh’ bread is and are unwittingly buying bread that claims to be fresh, when in actual fact could be days old.

“Our new brand communication reinforces that all Bakers Delight bread is handcrafted and baked fresh, from scratch each day. These are principals that the network was founded on, so it’s a case of the business getting back to its roots.”

Bakers Delight, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, expects the new business reinvigoration will contribute to 4 – 5 per cent growth in FY10/11, which will generate an expected global turnover of approximately $600 million. As of March 2010, Bakers Delight’s market share was 13.5 per cent (Roy Morgan Single Source Data) and trending upwards.

The $6 million brand reinvigoration project begins with a launch campaign focused on Bakers Delight’s traditional bread range. The business’s underlying philosophy – real bread, real people, real delight – underpins the new brand position We’re for Real, that will appear in all communications moving forward.

The new business redirection will launch on 10 June across the following platforms in-store merchandising, packaging, uniforms, website and TV, magazine and online advertising. This is to roll out across all 630 bakeries Australia wide.

“We’ve always had a strong brand in Australia but it was time for us to revise our brand position in order to achieve our growth targets and meet the needs of an average 2.5 million customers each week,” added Chris.

Bakers Delight last year developed a new website that included a virtual bakery to showcase their core product, which replicates a bakery environment including a sales staff visual. The company’s redeveloped website was launched in September 2009 last year, and also includes a range of other features including franchising and careers application process, a health blog, a Google maps bakery locator and bakery for sale functionality.

Bakers Delight

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