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Australian Made logo making a comeback

Australian Made Media

Australian consumers will soon see the new range of media ads in which Australian products will be the heroes and the workers who make them will be the stars, following the launch of Australian Made Media, the new media platform designed to promote Australian made products.

The Hon. Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, launched Australian Made Media this morning at the home of Vegemite.

“This venture will help to promote and sell products made in Australia, by Australians, to Australians,” Senator Carr said.

“Real workers will star in the advertisements. Not only will this give the ads a unified look and feel; it will drive home one of the strongest reasons to buy Australian – supporting local jobs,”

“I firmly believe that people will buy Australian if they have the choice. This venture will give them the information they need to make that choice,” he said.

“The Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is the most trusted and recognised symbol for products that are Australian. Research shows that shoppers have a clear preference for buying locally made products, but that it is often difficult to find these goods – that is where the Australian Made logo is so valuable,” explained Ian Harrison, Chief Executive of the Australian Made, Australian
Grown Campaign (AMAG).

“There are more than 10,000 products carrying the logo and it will be fantastic to have this new platform for promoting these products on TV, in print and online.”

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